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White Denim ‘Last Day Of Summer’ Review

Television advertisers must explode in their underwear every time White Denim release a new album. They produce fun, accessible music while remaining an obscure band (the perfect combination) and have already had several songs used for promoting cars and washing up detergents.

 Having only just released their third full album, D, this year another one might already seem odd. This, however, is a collection of odds and ends which was released in 2010 originally as a download only. Lucky for us then that it is now available in physical format.

Although these songs are meant to be scraps they stand up well as an album. The band once again pile together itchy, restless drumming with hooky melodies and jazzy jams. How these guys aren’t bigger is a mystery…and also something of a blessing. ‘Tony Fatti’ is the perfect example of what these guys do so well in terms of rock, and yet it doesn’t cover all of their bases. Continue reading

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The Black Keys ‘El Camino’ Review

Here, for Black Keys fans, is the dilemma: hold on tightly to memories of a raw blues rock or embrace the funky new, slightly R’n’B sound. If you only love the old then take two points off this albums rating.

This album is a bridge between Attack & Release, where the boys were still relatively unknown, and Brothers whereby they have become everyone’s favourite little duo. They have outlived the White Stripes, who they were compared to a lot early on, and are following them up onto arena stages for this album.

The sound to fill out the arenas is evident all over this album. Where once Dan Auerbach moaned and groaned his way through songs on his own there is a powerful backing choir on almost every chorus here. This is either a good or a bad thing depending on which kind of Black Keys fan you are. Continue reading

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Music Podcast: Christmas Special

With Christmas just around the corner here is my guide to surviving the musical mine-field that is festive tunes.

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Review: Smith & Burrows – Funny Looking Angels (Christmas Special)

Smith & Burrows. It sounds like a shoddy solicitors firm but in fact they’re muscians making a festive record – and you might know them better than you think. Tom Smith, lead singer for The Editors, and Andy Burrows, former Razorlight drummer, have teamed up to create Funny Looking Angels; a Christmas album for the modern day.

It’s half covers and half originals – but even the choice of covers is original. Instead of the usual covers you might find on a certain Mr Beiber’s Christmas album, Smith & Burrows select 80s pop tracks such as Black’s ‘Wonderful Life’ and ‘Only You’ by Yazoo. Neither of them are Christmas songs but get a wintery revival. Where synths once reigned, there is now harmonised backing vocals and open hall piano. Continue reading

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