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Iron & Wine – Ghost On Ghost

Having released one of the best records of the 00s with The Shepherd’s Dog, Sam Beam seemed content to sit back and relax. Four years later, he stomped on that recognition by fearlessly adding funk and jazz to Kiss Each Other Clean. Ghost on Ghost took only two years to come around and dives deeper into the 70s radio friendly jazz-lite rock.

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The Thermals – Desperate Ground

It takes a special sound for an band to be able to gain license to produce that sound over and over again. The Thermals have that license. With it they use their fuzzy, down-strumming power-chords and the hooky, nasal melodies to craft Desperate Ground.

Like The Hives before them, this is a band who are faced with the challenge of following up a powerhouse debut, More Parts Per Million, and a career defining concept album, The Body, The Blood, The Machine. Their answer, it seems, is more of the same, which is what fans will find here. Continue reading

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Cold War Kids ‘Dear Miss Lonelyhearts’

On Dear Miss Lonelyhearts Cold War Kids have dialled back the stadium chasing antics which made Mine Is Yours the biggest disappointment of 2011.

Not that they have totally disregarded the need for a shakeup in sound. The ramshackle piano, beating on the walls and alley cat wailing which made their debut so exciting remain but now have a much sunnier gleam to them. ‘Lost That Easy’ features glitch synth and skitterish high-hat work giving the track a more danceable feel, the huge chorus of “I wanna see visions” is the only hint that they’re taking themselves serious enough. Continue reading

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