Bosnian Rainbows – Bosnian Rainbows

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez doesn’t know the meaning of taking things slow; the man never stops. With around 30 solo releases alone, the Mars Volta man has put his main band to bed – for now – in favour of Bosnian Rainbows, much to the disappointment of Cedric Bixler-Zavala.

This self-titled debut, then, is to be judged on the band as a whole. Of course, there are shades of Mars Volta but singer Teri Gender Bender is the star of the show, with her proggy, Kate Bush vocals smoothly twisting inside your ear canals. ‘The Eye Fell in Love’ is the catchiest track vocally, while measured guitars swim alongside foreboding synths.

Making sense of the lyrics is a much harder task, and while that might be forgiven in prog circles, it won’t with them much favour elsewhere. ‘Mother, Father, Set Us Free’ is the resonating closer, with the hook “I chose to ignore it/ thinking it was psychological”, possibly the only commercially pleasing aspect of her work.

Experimental jazz is usually how Rodriguez-Lopez’s playing is described, but here he offers more, perhaps giving himself in to the will of the band. Opening track ‘Eli’ shows off the prog-rock style with which he is comfortable, but ‘Morning Sickness’ offers a soulful and funky intro. Although there is nothing too challenging in the playing, the challenge for him might be in creating something more restrained.

There’s plenty to enjoy from a rag-tag band of musicians. They are clearly out to please themselves rather than the listener, but at least you feel it’s a true attempt to create music as a band. For Mars Volta fans, it’s rather more like a dilution of that energy and therefore a slap in the face. Whether this is the band Omar chooses to run with now is of little consequence, since as long as he keeps moving he will be happy.

Picture: Pontemonti

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One thought on “Bosnian Rainbows – Bosnian Rainbows

  1. ana cinthia reyes says:

    can’t we just stop?
    acting like we don’t
    eating up your lies
    throw them out tomorrow….
    can we hold hands?
    i promise you that they are clean
    Putting up a fight
    again’s these men that hide behind
    newspapers and networking
    against these men that hide behind US!!!!
    (torn maps)

    sister, i feel the years pass by
    miles of dust sustaing life
    so blue, blue like your dead insides….insides…insides

    i’ve been away for as long as snow
    I’ve been missing for years…

    tell me, where is all the pain left in this world?

    (The eye, the eye, the fell in love!)

    the pain is worthless… but i… i will live… live ON!

    for years i felt your pain
    the tumor you hid was making you body turn blueeeeee
    (mother, father set us free)

    when you’re on you’re always on the run
    when you stop you’re always on the run
    when you come you’re always on the run
    when you’re done your’e always on the run!
    (always on the run)


    are you crazy? bosnian rainbows lyrics are amazing. everyone sang along to all their songs in a spanish speaking country here in colombia (rock al parque festival..)

    re think yourself, amigo

    teri’s lyrics are inspiration

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