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Mark Lanegan – Imitations

After releasing a well received seventh solo album last year and an under-the-radar collaboration with Duke Garwood earlier this year you’d expect Mark Lanegan to go into hiding for a while – after all, he took eight years between Bubblegum and Blues Funeral. The man must feel he’s on a role though as he hits the road again for Imitations a collection of covers, something most people mark as either career suicide or genius rejuvenation.

This effort falls between the two, meaning it makes no real dent in his credentials but nor will it wow audiences. These are mostly songs Lanegan heard growing up which does add a sort of elegance about their selection, there is even a nod to his buddy and some-time collaborator Greg Dulli for ‘Deepest Shade’. The pick of the bunch however has to be the bond theme ‘You Only Live Twice’ making you wonder if Lanegan might not be a brilliant, left-field choice for the next bond movie theme.

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The Moondoggies – Adios I’m A Ghost

For a band who started firmly in the punk category as teens, The Moondoggies sure have found an Americana swagger. Fronted by Kevin Murphy, this Washington band might just be ready to challenge the big hitters of the Americana scene.

The opening kick you get from ‘Red Eye’ will sustain you through the tempered ‘Annie Turn Out the Lights’ and ‘Midnight Owl’. Look deeper, however, and the themes present on Adios I’m a Ghost are nothing new; there is yearning, reflection and a strong will to move on from the past. The harmonies are almost on par with Band of Horses and Fleet Foxes, but don’t carry as sweet a melody.

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John Frusciante – Outsides

If you thought John Frusciante had ceased to make music then you are very much in the wrong. While what he does won’t register on most people’s radars he seems more dedicated to the craft than ever. Outsides is his third record in just over a year. Granted this is one of two EP treats, but given the gap between 2009’s excellent The Empyrean and 2012’s Letur-Lefur this is something of a splurge.

With each new piece of music he creates Frusciante details his process and mind-set for it. What he is acting out now he isn’t part of the Red Hot Chili Peppers are his own personal thought-experiments. The time spent with his chum Omar Rodriquez Lopez has clearly left an impression as he is still pushing forward with the synth and electronica mayhem heard on PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone. This time his aim is to focus more on each note and each beat which would explain the over-bearing electronic drums.

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