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Warpaint – Warpaint

You couldn’t accuse Warpaint of short-changing fans. Their follow up to The Fool, an album which gained cult acclaim, is a self-titled effort which, while hardly surprising in its contents, is slow-going and not an immediate banker – but they never promised you the world.

This is a band which was formed in 2004 and are only now, 10 years in, releasing their second full LP. Despite that, they stick to their guns, forming songs from almost psychedelic jams. ‘Keep It Healthy’ displays those eerie, reverb-soaked vocals from Emily Kokal and has a skittering drum heart despite the wig-out going on around them. From here, though, it’s something of an assortment: half-jams, half-songs, half-high – everything is undercooked, which worked the first time around but leaves some songs on this album only half-formed.

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