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Waxahatchee – Cerulean Salt

Katie Crutchfield, better known as Waxahatchee, has graduated from her bedroom recorded debut to a more whole feeling effort. That effort is Cerulean Salt, and despite it being a fairly bare and stripped arrangement it still packs a punch.

‘Hollow Bedroom’ leads you in serenely with only vocals and some gentle electric guitar, like the soundtrack to a Zach Braff movie, but swiftly steps up a gear. ‘Dixie Cups and Jars’ adds a pounding bass drum and constant – if simplistic – bass to march on with. While the lyrics across the album are lent a quaint feeling in their delivery Crutchfield can be quite cutting in her remarks “you’ll remain and I will find a way to leave gracefully”.

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Band Of Horses ‘Mirage Rock’ Album Review

Here is a band that stands at a very pivotal point in their career – with their fourth album Band Of Horses could have stormed the arenas with a grandiose effort or flopped in an attempt to rekindle their roots.

Instead they do neither, and it’s probably for the best. With Mirage Rock they haven’t moved on in huge leaps from their previous effort Infinite Arms. They still deal out the folk, Americana and indie in equal spades. It’s a pleasing sound and will warm the hearts of fans but won’t push them beyond on the popularity of the last album in the way a band like The Black Keys has.

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