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White Denim – Corsicana Lemonade

With each passing album, White Denim sound more┬áconfident in what they’re doing, and while for some artists that would be a bad thing, for these Texans it helps them to hone their grooves and provide a strategic punch. If there is an album to showcase both their musical prowess as well as their penchant for a tune, then Corsicana Lemonade is it.

This band has gone from a garage, experimental rock sound to the kind of psychedelic rock you’ll hear on ‘At Night in Dreams’. Where Workout Holiday and Fits had them tumbling end over end, this album flies a lot sharper and to the point. It won’t seem straight-forward if you’re a top 40 devotee but ‘New Blue Feeling’ is a far more reserved, short song with comforting lines.

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