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Manchester Orchestra – Cope

Four albums in and Manchester Orchestra have hit their stride but they’ve also put the band firmly into cruise control, choosing to maintain the success built mostly by previous albums Mean Everything to Nothing and Simple Math. With Cope, however, there is bags of potential and enough to enjoy – pleasing fans but probably not garnering the plaudits they deserve.

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Middle Class Rut – Pick Up Your Head

If Middle Class Rut had gears then their new album, Pick Up Your Head, would truly rip the gear box out in a psychotic rage. Where No Name No Color had a tempered and balanced sound, there is now disarray and a chunkier vibe. ‘Born Too Late’ begins with a thunderous stampede of drums, but locks into their socio-political lyricism once more.

It’s the obvious but brilliant next step for the band who told America to “lock up their shit” and that “the enemy” was outside the door. Fear abroad and at home bred their debut and made it a scorcher, now the focus appears to be on the lost generation. ‘Sing While You Slave’ owes its message to the underappreciated workers and soldiers, while ‘Aunt Betty’ strains the question, “Why don’t you believe in me?”

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