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Hospitality – Trouble


It’s not often fledgling indie darlings get a chance to spread their creative wings but Hospitality have taken their second album, Trouble, and used it bravely as a platform to explore something beyond their niche.

This album sounds like wings spreading, with a variety of landscapes on offer. ‘Last Words’ comes nearer the end of the album but is one of the stand out tracks, using organic piano against swelling synth much like Bon Iver on his second album, while opener ‘Nightingale’ is both brazen and hushed in equal measure, verging on blues rock akin to The Black Keys just as they broke a few albums back.

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Band Of Horses ‘Mirage Rock’ Album Review

Here is a band that stands at a very pivotal point in their career – with their fourth album Band Of Horses could have stormed the arenas with a grandiose effort or flopped in an attempt to rekindle their roots.

Instead they do neither, and it’s probably for the best. With Mirage Rock they haven’t moved on in huge leaps from their previous effort Infinite Arms. They still deal out the folk, Americana and indie in equal spades. It’s a pleasing sound and will warm the hearts of fans but won’t push them beyond on the popularity of the last album in the way a band like The Black Keys has.

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The Black Keys ‘El Camino’ Review

Here, for Black Keys fans, is the dilemma: hold on tightly to memories of a raw blues rock or embrace the funky new, slightly R’n’B sound. If you only love the old then take two points off this albums rating.

This album is a bridge between Attack & Release, where the boys were still relatively unknown, and Brothers whereby they have become everyone’s favourite little duo. They have outlived the White Stripes, who they were compared to a lot early on, and are following them up onto arena stages for this album.

The sound to fill out the arenas is evident all over this album. Where once Dan Auerbach moaned and groaned his way through songs on his own there is a powerful backing choir on almost every chorus here. This is either a good or a bad thing depending on which kind of Black Keys fan you are. Continue reading

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