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Swearin’ – Surfing Strange

Following up their solid self-titled debut, Swearin’ give us another swampy chunk of 90s alternative rock with their second album Surfing Strange. It’s all in the title, really; this is a collection of fuzzy jams for the 90s-loving, beach-hopping slacker.

If you take a listen to the infectious opener ‘Dust in the Gold Sack’ (hint: best song of the album) and think that it sounds quite similar in tone to Waxahatchee’s latest release then you’re on to something. Katie Crutchfield, aka Waxahatchee, is sister of Allison Crutchfield, the singer here. She shares vocals duties on this album. If you could imagine Waxahatchee with a full band then it would probably sound like Surfing Strange, with lines like “Daylight and night on the turnpike/ like the crunch of the black ice and the buzz of the summer”.

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Waxahatchee – Cerulean Salt

Katie Crutchfield, better known as Waxahatchee, has graduated from her bedroom recorded debut to a more whole feeling effort. That effort is Cerulean Salt, and despite it being a fairly bare and stripped arrangement it still packs a punch.

‘Hollow Bedroom’ leads you in serenely with only vocals and some gentle electric guitar, like the soundtrack to a Zach Braff movie, but swiftly steps up a gear. ‘Dixie Cups and Jars’ adds a pounding bass drum and constant – if simplistic – bass to march on with. While the lyrics across the album are lent a quaint feeling in their delivery Crutchfield can be quite cutting in her remarks “you’ll remain and I will find a way to leave gracefully”.

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