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White Denim – Corsicana Lemonade

With each passing album, White Denim sound more┬áconfident in what they’re doing, and while for some artists that would be a bad thing, for these Texans it helps them to hone their grooves and provide a strategic punch. If there is an album to showcase both their musical prowess as well as their penchant for a tune, then Corsicana Lemonade is it.

This band has gone from a garage, experimental rock sound to the kind of psychedelic rock you’ll hear on ‘At Night in Dreams’. Where Workout Holiday and Fits had them tumbling end over end, this album flies a lot sharper and to the point. It won’t seem straight-forward if you’re a top 40 devotee but ‘New Blue Feeling’ is a far more reserved, short song with comforting lines.

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White Denim ‘Last Day Of Summer’ Review

Television advertisers must explode in their underwear every time White Denim release a new album. They produce fun, accessible music while remaining an obscure band (the perfect combination) and have already had several songs used for promoting cars and washing up detergents.

 Having only just released their third full album, D, this year another one might already seem odd. This, however, is a collection of odds and ends which was released in 2010 originally as a download only. Lucky for us then that it is now available in physical format.

Although these songs are meant to be scraps they stand up well as an album. The band once again pile together itchy, restless drumming with hooky melodies and jazzy jams. How these guys aren’t bigger is a mystery…and also something of a blessing. ‘Tony Fatti’ is the perfect example of what these guys do so well in terms of rock, and yet it doesn’t cover all of their bases. Continue reading

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